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Outtake: The Squirrel Lady of Town Lake

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Chris chats it up with the Squirrel Lady of Town Lake

Chris chats it up with the Squirrel Lady of Town Lake

The Reverend Julie Gallagher, aka the Squirrel Lady of Town Lake, was one of the most interesting people we’ve encountered on South Congress. Her art, fun photos of squirrels, promotes peace. We couldn’t include all of our interview in August’s First Thursday video, so I’ve posted the full, unedited version here.

In  the video, she explains the peace banner, talks a little about Mayan cosmology, and tells us about her favorite squirrel (a refugee from Hurricane Katrina).

Check it out!

Written by Chris Apollo Lynn

August 11, 2009 at 2:44 PM

Outtake: Mambo Berry Owners Talk About Austin’s Healthiest Frozen Yogurt

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At Republic of Austin, I meet so many great artists, musicians and business owners, but not all the footage makes the final cut.  I like to post some of the out takes on here so that readers can see some of the raw footage.

This video [Click here to see the final post and video about First Thursday on Republic of Austin] features Erin and Jacob Boone, newlyweds and owners of my favorite food trailer on South Congress, Mambo Berry.  Jasmine and I have also dubbed them one of the hottest couples in Austin.  Their both super sweet and smart, too.  They also both make some kick-a frozen yogurt.

In the video, Erin and Jacob explain why their Frozen Yogurt is different than the other shops around the city.  Since they use local yogurt and add probiotics, it’snot only healthier, but it’s better for the environment and our local economy. Oh, and it tastes like yogurt, not ice cream!

Written by Chris Apollo Lynn

July 7, 2009 at 5:30 PM

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Google Streetview Image of My New Home

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It’s official: I’ll be moving to Austin at the end of this month.  Peep this image, courtesy of Google Streetview, of the new digs in Austin’s Travis Heights neighborhood.  I’ll be sharing the place with some old friends.

My new house in Austin

My new house in Austin

Written by Chris Apollo Lynn

February 11, 2009 at 3:56 PM


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